• A word from our farmers •

A day in the life of Pierre-Yves


Pierre-Yves Jestin is a young milk producer who supplies Paysan Breton. He will show you around the land at Gaec de Kerien (Finistère) and share with you what everyday life is like as a farmer, a passion that runs in the family.

How do you produce high-quality milk? What is life on the farm like? Follow your guide...

One of the secrets of the delicious taste of Paysan Breton products is the high quality of the milk supplied by the cooperative producer members.

And our dairy farmers know how it works: to produce high-quality milk, the welfare of the cows is paramount, from the feed to milking and their comfort.

On the farm, Pierre-Yves gives each of his cows a nickname. He takes the time to get to know them, watch them grow and learn what is best for each of them. Because what's good for the cows is also good for the milk.