Getting it right

Committed to our farmers

Paysan Breton is a cooperative brand. And for us, "cooperative" is not simply a label: it's a commitment.

Paysan Breton belongs to the 7,000 dairy farmers who work in the cooperatives which produce the milk used in our products. The aim of our cooperative is to ensure that there is always a market for the milk produced by our members, to guarantee the future of its farms and to promote regional development. As a cooperative, the work we do cannot be relocated elsewhere. We collect all of the milk produced by our farmers and transform it at our production sites in Brittany and Pays de la Loire. Our aim is to increase the profitability of milk by producing dairy products ranging from butter and whipped cream cheese to cultured milk and crêpes. 

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Paysan Breton is founded on cooperative values: solidarity, responsibility and fairness. All our farmers are dedicated to ensuring the brand's future and play a role in decision-making. The cooperative supports them with the everyday management of their farm, providing advice from milk and nutrition experts, training, IT tools and information on good practice, etc. In some cases, the cooperative can also offer financial support to its members. 

Our members' farms are all small-scale, family-run businesses. The cooperative strives to ensure knowledge is passed down through the generations so that the region preserves its expertise and remains dynamic.



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Our dairy farmers are also committed. Not only do all Paysan Breton farmers comply with the Quality and Sustainable Development Charter, they are also the driving force behind the implementation of this charter, which covers the main areas of milk production: the quality of milk and milk products, environment, animal health and welfare, development of the region and its stakeholders.

Committed to the quality of our milk

Behind the great taste of Paysan Breton products there lies a high quality milk and a unique know-how that has been exploited since 1969.

On the farm

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Every day, our dairy farmers make sure their cows get the best possible care to produce a high quality milk, since this is the raw material for all Paysan Breton products. Good farming practices = good milk: cow feed, animal care and storage conditions are crucial. That's why Paysan Breton dairy farmers are signatories to a quality and sustainable development charter that defines the required standards. This lays down the foundations for a good practices guide which is applied every day in all the Paysan Breton dairies and guarantees the quality of the milk used in our dairy products.



vache qui mange de l'herbe

A balanced diet is essential for making good milk. The Paysan Breton cows are fed mainly on fresh grass and fodder. Access to fresh grazing is ideal and something which is plentiful on our dairy farmers' land thanks to the wet climate. A healthy diet also needs to be varied. As well as grass the cows are given grain to eat and food supplements (fibre, minerals and fat) that provide them with the healthy and balanced diet throughout the year in order to produce quality milk. Our experts guide and advise the farmers on the best possible diet for their animals. 

 Milk collection

1.4 billion litres of milk are collected per year. The milk is tested for quality at each stage from the farmers' dairies to one of our seven production sites.To ensure the freshest milk possible Paysan Breton drivers collect the milk every day of the week. Once the cows have been milked and before being collected, the milk is stored in farm bulk milk tanks supplied by the Cooperative. The Cooperative regularly checks these tanks to guarantee the milk's optimal conservation. 

The different stages of the milk collection laid out in the Quality and Sustainable Development Charter must be strictly adhered to: milk pumping, sample processing, analysis, transport, cleaning. The milk collected is carefully controlled. Samples are taken daily from each farm which are then analysed and tested in our laboratories and central milk testing laboratories.

Committed to the quality of our products

Quality-tested, natural ingredients

Paysan Breton products are free from artificial colourings and flavours, and contain no preservatives. We respect a list of strict specifications that determine the manufacturing practices for our products, the quality of milk used and ingredient selection. Milk is the principle ingredient in all of our products. To make sure our products taste just the way you like them, we only select high-quality, natural ingredients.

At Paysan Breton, we seek to satisfy your appreciation of good food.


Quality guaranteed by you!




Paysan Breton products are subject to regular taste tests involving panels of experts and consumers. Taste, appearance and texture are evaluated to best meet your expectations. 

Committed to animal welfare

What's good for the cows is also good for the milk.

Good quality milk is essential to make good quality products for Paysan Breton. The cows need to be happy to produce good milk. A healthy, well-fed cow produces a better quality milk – the cows' well-being is vital for us and our dairy farmers.

Our farmer members look after their cows from birth right up to the end of their productive lifetime and sometimes beyond this. Highly knowledgeable, they keep a careful eye on the health and welfare of their animals – they know what's best for them.


The cows graze for roughly six to seven months of the year, from April through to October, and they are only brought in to be milked. But cows are like us, when the weather gets bad they prefer the comfort of their dry barns. When they are brought in, mainly in the winter but also in the summer to protect them from the heat, everything is done to make them comfortable. The barns are spacious, light and aerated. The cows are free to roam and have their own individual space with the straw being changed regularly to ensure their comfort.

All the cows on our farms have a health record in which all treatments administered are noted. Medicines are used only if the animal's health is at risk and only when it has been prescribed by an approved vet. Antibiotics are used on dairy farms as a curative treatment and never as a preventive treatment: a cow is only given antibiotics for a diagnosed illness. Milk from a cow that is being treated for an illness is not used for consumption. 

Committed to the environment

The land and its people: the foundations of Paysan Breton

At Paysan Breton, preserving the land and respecting the environment form an integral part of how we operate. The sustainability of the milk sector goes hand in hand with respecting the region and its land.

In our dairy farms

Our dairy farmers are the driving force behind a continuous and collective approach we have adopted, with an aim to move progressively towards responsible and sustainable farming: 


  • reducing the use of pesticides,
  • monitoring water quality,
  • respecting the landscape,
  • the Cooperative organises the collection and recycling of waste on the farms,
  • with a view to reducing greenhouse gases, the progressive integration of a barometer on every farm to measure these gas emissions.
  • reducing the use of non-renewable energy


On the production sites:

  • Limiting the consumption of energy and better control of emissions
  • Analysis of the carbon audits (French Environment & Energy Management Agency level 1 and 2) carried out in the production sites to implement a plan for improvement
  • Promote recyclable and eco-friendly packaging 


Our packaging/products may provide recycling instructions. 

Every year, the implementation of good environmental practices reduces the environmental impact of the cooperative's activities.

Committed to food safety 

Paysan Breton prioritises safety.

sécurité des aliments

 As an integral part of our constant quest for quality we strive to optimise safety. Several samples are taken from our milk, on the farm and also on arrival at the production site. If there is any doubt as to the quality of the milk, the tank is systematically blocked, the milk is traced back to the farm and further tests are carried out to find the cause of the problem. If the milk does not conform with safety standards, it is discarded and the farm will be inspected to help the farmer find solutions. The rate of destruction due to abnormal milk is very low: less than 0.1% per year.

 A series of tests and analyses are carried out throughout the production line to prevent risks inherent in the production of all food products, from the delivery of the raw materials right through to when the products leave the factory. In our cooperative 4,250 analyses are carried out daily: one analysis every 20 seconds, around the clock. 

All the production sites for Paysan Breton brand products are certified according to the European standards for food safety. 

Committed to innovation

When authenticity combines with modernity 

A skilful amount of expertise and innovation is required to ensure the quality of Paysan Breton products. Our focus is to maintain the quality and authentic flavour of our historic products, whilst using modern manufacturing methods that provide a safer environment in which to produce food.

To increase the profitability of our high-quality milk, each stage of the production requires specific expertise: selecting the ingredients, skimming, pasteurisation, ripening, butter churning, overrun for whipped cream cheeses, etc. 

All of Paysan Breton products are made from natural ingredients, free of colouring, artificial flavouring and preservatives. Our teams undertake a significant amount of work to respect these specifications.