Our history

Nearly 50 years manufacturing milk products

Paysan Breton was created by a cooperative of dairy farmers from Finistère who wanted to find a lasting market for their milk through a common brand offering quality products. Their expertise and the attention they pay to their work are Paysan Breton's pledge of trust.

July 1969

The first Paysan Breton butter

The first Paysan Breton butter was made in the Landerneau dairy using the cooperative's milk, a quality raw material that guaranteed a great tasting product. The farmers came up with the idea of using their traditional skills and region's authentic flavours to produce a quality butter that would provide a market for their milk. Paysan Breton was the first brand to carry on the tradition of moulded butter. The company has been the market leader for the last 45 years.

July 1972

The gingham brand

It was while having lunch in a restaurant that the dairy master at Paysan Breton and two of his colleagues came up with idea for the packaging of their butter – one that would enhance its local and traditional aspect. On seeing their tablecloth they thought, 'why not wrap our butter in gingham paper'! The distinctive gingham greaseproof packaging for the Paysan Breton brand then made its first appearance in the store aisles. It rapidly became the symbol for great tasting products combining tradition and simplicity.


January 1978

The first logo

Once the brand had started to develop in France, the company decided to create its first logo depicting a Breton farmer. In the same year Paysan Breton Emmental was released onto the market.

May 1988

Paysan Breton began to export

Paysan Breton exported its first products, butter and Emmental, to Senegal. Within a very short space of time the products were exported to the whole of West Africa. Today, Paysan Breton is sold in over 90 countries.


September 1990

The first TV advert

Paysan Breton appeared on the small screen for the first time with an advert for its Moulded Butter 'comment ne pas rester nature' (even better on its own) 


March 1995

Paysan Breton, firmly Breton

Although Paysan Breton continued to develop it remained firmly attached to its origins and the land in which its products are made. In 1995 the brand changed its logo to a triskele, the ultimate Breton symbol. 


May 1997

Madame Loïk, a taste of Breton freshness

Already highly successful, Paysan Breton decided to branch out into the fast-expanding spreadable cheese market and created an innovative cheese with a unique texture. Whipped Soft Cheese with Sea Salt from Guérande was launched onto the market. Madame Loïk Fromage Fouetté a fresh, light and airy whipped cream cheese proved to be a great success.

September 2011

Crêpes and Buttermilk long live Brittany!

Paysan Breton expanded its range with two traditional Breton specialities, crepes and buttermilk, which the cooperative had already been producing for over 20 years. They have since become popular with many French people.


June 2013

the Crème de la Crème

Paysan Breton Thick Crème Fraîche, extremely smooth and creamy, was an immediate success with consumers. Voted the best cream on the market in 2013, it became popular very quiclky for cooking in France (Blue Panel market research 2013)

January 2015

Paysan Breton is ranked among the top 30 leading brands.

Paysan Breton has been expanding for over 45 years without ever forgetting its cooperative origins and its taste and quality pledge. Values that the French appreciate: in 2015, Paysan Breton became one of the leading 30 brands purchased by French households and was entered into the Grand Livre des Marques (The Big Book of Brands), reserved for brands that are enjoyed by over 70% of French people.

The same year the company launched its highly successful Crêpes filled with chocolate, Plougastel strawberry jam, or salted butter caramel. 


April 2016

New products...

Paysan Breton is always looking for new ways of indulging those who love good food, and 2016 promises to be full of innovations.