Our values

Breton, cooperative, delicious and authentic: Paysan Breton is a truly unique brand. And since 1969, we have shared these values with you in every one of our products.

Proud of our roots


Paysan Breton was founded in the town of Landerneau, in the heart of the Finistère countryside. A group of local dairy farmers came together as a cooperative to create their own "Breton farmers" brand.  The brands origins are reflected in our logo: "Des Hommes, une Terre" (Many Men, One Region).

Our products are a delicious homage to our roots, inspired by traditional Breton recipes passed down through the generations. From butter and crepes to buttermilk and salted butter caramel, with Paysan Breton you can rediscover the region's culinary heritage, a subtle blend of indulgence and authenticity. 

Paysan Breton products are made in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique using milk from our farmers, who are all members of the brand. Located in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, they produce the finest raw ingredients every day, enabling us to create top quality products.



We are proud of our roots and even display the triskelion on our products: an important Celtic symbol dating back over 2500 years that is often used to represent Brittany. The triskelion has several meanings, including dynamism, the sun and the three elements: earth, fire and water. It is also said to bring good luck, which we certainly like to believe!




produit en bretagne

Paysan Breton is owned by three of western France's major dairy and food production cooperatives, all of which are dedicated to supporting the local area. One of the cooperatives also co-founded the Produit en Bretagne ("Produced in Brittany") group with other Breton companies. The group's aim is to promote regional brands produced in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique and thereby boost employment, while providing a guarantee of quality for the consumer.

Our cooperative commitment


The board of DirectorsIn general, cooperatives are structures created, owned and managed by and for farmers. There are no shareholders, only members. Solidarity, responsibility and fairness are at the heart of the cooperative system, and farmers take part in important decisions using the one person, one vote model. All profits are distributed among members and reinvested in production and innovation.

Paysan Breton is the flagship brand of the Laïta cooperative, based in Brest, which is owned by three cooperatives across western France. As a cooperative business, its CEO and board members are themselves all milk producers. The cooperative is committed to collecting and making the most of all the milk produced by its 7000 member farmers.



Paysan Breton is committed to securing the future of its 7000 dairy farmer members

Transmission père fils


Paysan Breton belongs to the 7000 dairy farmer members who produce the milk used in our products. As a cooperative brand, Paysan Breton cannot be relocated. Its key objective is to ensure that there is always an outlet for the milk produced by our farmers, in the form of our range of quality products.

Through its cooperatives, Paysan Breton also helps farmers run their businesses and ensure they can be passed down through the generations. This prevents their expertise being lost and makes the most of their skills, while helping protect the region and develop economic and social activities and employment within western France's dairy industry.

Our taste promise

fillette et mme loik

Paysan Breton has been the food lover's choice for almost 50 years

Delicious and designed for sharing, Paysan Breton products inspire us to get together with family and friends. Rediscover the flavours of Brittany: from butter and cheese to crepes, buttermilk and crème fraîche, Paysan Breton products embody our taste promise and are the perfect addition to all your dishes. Identifiable by their famous gingham packaging, they are sure to delight children and adults alike!

Quality above all 

Pot de lait dans l'herbe


Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, Paysan Breton products are inspired by the simplicity and flavours of our culinary heritage. 

At Paysan Breton, we pay close attention to both taste and texture, using top quality milk and carefully selected ingredients to meet your expectations. Our passionate and committed farmers produce milk of the highest quality every day, which we then use as the basis for all our products. We simply add carefully selected natural ingredients to create the foods you love so much. 

Top quality milk and other ingredients: Paysan Breton keeps it simple and brings you the best!


Qualité produit

Our products are tested and approved... by you!

Your opinion matters, which is why our products regularly undergo testing by consumers and expert panels. The excellent results of these tests are a great source of pride for us: Paysan Breton always keeps its promises.