Our Madame Loïk whipped cheeses

Garlic and Herb Whipped Cheese

Try the market's most French garlic and herb cheese spread.

Available in 150g - 275g

Product description

With milk from our farmers and garlic and herbs grown in our French regions all packed into a delicious, fluffy cheese, this product comes with guaranteed moments of toothsome delight! Rather than us laying it on thick, we'll leave you to try it for yourselves. Paysan Breton always honours its commitments on responsible farming, and that applies to its cheeses too.

Garlic and Herb Whipped Cheese

French garlic and herbs

Local milk


No preservatives

We firmly believe that the shortest recipes are often the best ones.

  • Fromage frais, garlic (2.5%), salt, herbs (0.4%) (parsley, chives).
  • Milk produced by our farmers in Brittany and Pays de la Loire. Garlic, parsley and chives grown in several French regions.
  • No colourings, artificial flavourings or preservatives.
  • Dairy ingredients produced from pasteurised milk. May contain traces of nuts and fish.
245 Kcal / 1011 KJ
23 g
of which saturates
16 g
3,6 g
of which sugar
3 g
5,8 g
1,3 g
  • Made in Côtes d’Armor.

Manufacture cheese




  • Keep between +2°C and +6°C and consume within one week of opening.
  • We recommend leaving the seal on the tub to ensure that the whipped cheese retains its flavour.
  • recyclable packaging: cardboard tub, cardboard lid and metal seal recyclable.

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Garlic and Herb Whipped Cheese

Reasons you love it

A perfect combination of delicious fresh flavours, naturally sourced ingredients, and lower fat content than other leading brands!


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With its naturally sourced ingredients, lovely fluffy texture and mild, fresh flavour, it's a true delight for all palates old and young.

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Your questions

Your questions about madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses

How are Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses manufactured?

Our Paysan Breton Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses are made from high-quality cow's milk sourced from our 7,000 dairy farmer members. The cheese is then processed to obtain a full and whipped consistency that creates a delicious fresh sensation in the mouth. To produce the different varieties of Madame Loïk, carefully selected ingredients are added to our Whipped Soft Cheeses are then packaged in totally recyclable cardboard pots.

What are the ingredients in Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses?

Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses and all other Paysan Breton products are free from artificial colourings and flavourings and free from preservatives. The main ingredient in all Madame Loïk products is high-quality milk produced following best practices in place at the farms. Depending on the variety, other ingredients are added to the recipe (mixed herbs, shallots, chives, walnuts, etc.).

Can any ingredients contained in Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses trigger allergies?

The main ingredient in Paysan Breton Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses is cow's milk. Anyone who is allergic to this type of milk should, of course, not consume these products. 

How soon after opening should I consume Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses?

Sold in resealable pots, Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses from Paysan Breton can be consumed up to one week after being opened, provided they are stored in the refrigerator between 2°C and 6°C and the lid is firmly in place on the pot.

How can I cook with Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses?

Our Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses can be used in a variety of ways, in hot as well as cold dishes: 

- For hot and cold appetisers or starters: appetizers, toasts, pastries, in a soup …                             

- Hot dishes: as a gratin topping (Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheese is then softened with milk or thick Crème Fraîche), in pastas or in an omelette

- In hot sauces to accompany meat or fish

- In sweet desserts, to make a cheesecake for example

Where are Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses manufactured?

Paysan Breton Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheeses are manufactured in Brittany at our cheese production facility in Créhen (Côtes d'Armor). Our recipes are made using milk sourced from the farms of our dairy farmers located within a 70 km radius of our production facilities.