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• Paysan Breton Recipe •

Cat’s head sandwiches

Recette Pastilla de Crêpes La Vanillée à l’ananas 320x280 Paysan Breton

• Paysan Breton Recipe •

Vanilla and Pineapple Crepe Pastilla

The secret to good whipped cream

To get good whipped cream, you have to use fresh cream with 30% fat, such as Paysan Breton Heavy...

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How to add Madame Loik whipped soft cheese to your dishes ?

Often savoured on sandwiches or on a cheese platter at the end of a meal, the Whipped Cheese Madam...

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Our cooperative identity

Learn more about Paysan Breton, a cooperative brand supported by its 7,000 dairy farmer members.
Proud of its Breton roots, Paysan Breton manufactures simple and traditional products full of flavour.

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