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Grated Emmental with 30% Less Salt

All the fruity flavour and pleasure of your Paysan Breton French Emmental with 30% less salt!

Available in 150g

Product description

This mild and exceptionally handy product is perfect as a topping or for adding flavour to your salads.

L'Emmental râpé sel réduit de 30 % Paysan Breton

Local milk

Cooperative brand

Simple recipe

The shortest recipes are often the best ones!

  • Pasteurised milk, salt, lactic ferments.
  • Milk produced by our farmers in Brittany and Pays de la Loire.
  • Cheese packaged in a protective atmosphere.
  • No colourings, flavourings or preservatives.
377 Kcal / 1566 KJ
29 g
of which saturates
20 g
2 g
of which sugar
2 g
27 g
0,5 g
  • Made in Brittany

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This product, reasons you love it

Grated Emmental with 30% Less Salt

Reasons you love it

An enjoyable way of cutting your salt intake.
Its resealable packaging for optimal storage.
Embellishing dishes, gratins, soups, salads … it's really handy!


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Your questions about all our products

Where are Paysan Breton products manufactured?

We have seven production sites in the regions of Brittany and Loire Atlantique in Western France, more precisely in Landerneau (Finistère), Ploudaniel (Finistère), Créhen (Côtes-d'Armor), Yffiniac (Côtes-d'Armor), Lanfains (Côtes-d'Armor), Pont Scorff (Morbihan) and Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique).

Are Paysan Breton products pasteurised?

All Paysan Breton products are made with pasteurised milk, with the exception of Paysan Breton Label Rouge Brie which contains thermised milk. 

Pasteurisation is a process in which milk is heated to kill undesirable micro-organisms naturally present in raw milk and thus to extend its usable life. At our facilities, we apply our expertise at each link in the manufacturing chain: selection of ingredients, choice of ferments, skimming, pasteurisation and so forth. Thanks to all our experience in these areas, constant quality of Paysan Breton products is assured.

How can I eat Paysan Breton products?

You can enjoy Paysan Breton products in lots of different ways: our Crepes and Buttermilk are delicious just as they are; our Butter, Whipped Soft Cheese, Cheese Board Cheeses and even Caramel are the perfect accompaniment to bread, or you can add other sweet or savoury ingredients to suit your own tastes.  Paysan Breton products also make ideal ingredients to cook your favourite dishes by yourself. 

Where does the milk used to manufacture Paysan Breton products come from?

The milk used to manufacture products in the Paysan Breton range is high-quality milk collected from the 7,000 dairy farmer members of our cooperative. Their farms are located in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, within a 70 km (44 mile) radius of the sites where our products are manufactured.  

Paysan Breton dairy farmers belong to the Paysan Breton cooperative and have a say in all important decisions. 

What do the figures in the oval-shaped label on products mean?

The oval printed on our products is called a health mark. This mark guarantees the traceability of our products. In fact, it provides an indication of the location of the production site and is composed of several pieces of information: 

How can I cook Paysan Breton products?

Paysan Breton products can be used in all kinds of recipe. Of course, our Butter and our Emmental are obvious choices, but all of our products can be used to make all sorts of delicious dishes. 

Madame Loïk Whipped Soft Cheese brings extra flavour to sandwiches, soups, tarts, verrines and appetizers (mix with single cream when you bake your appetizers to prevent them from drying out).