These Paysan Breton products are so tasty! They're more wholesome and locally produced than competing brands!

That's because quality is a key priority for our brand.

It's how we offer you the best dairy products every day.


Quality from the outset

The star ingredient in all our products is top-quality milk, which is the result of our farmers' hard work to ensure their bovine boarders are well fed and comfortable from dawn to dusk. Their farms are manageably-sized (69 cows on average), so they're able to monitor their cattle closely. Our farmers are attentive to their livestock and know each of the animals in their herds. They observe them to keep a close eye on their health and welfare. 

Stringent standards at each step

Milking is the highlight of the day performed in the mornings and evenings. The cows' teats and the milking room are systematically cleaned and disinfected to ensure the highest hygiene standards.

The milk is then stored in a refrigerated tank before being collected by our delivery drivers. Our tankers first visit a washing station so they can be cleaned externally. The milk storage tank is also thoroughly cleaned once emptied.

Milk is collected from our farmers every 2 to 3 days. After completing their itineraries covering a maximum radius of 70km, our drivers deliver the milk to one of our 7 collection and manufacturing centres.

Depending on the product, the milk then undergoes various processes to turn it into butter, cheese, or fermented milk. It is also used in Paysan Breton crêpes.

Our products are subsequently packaged, boxed, palletised and warehoused before being delivered to stores.

Constant checks

One key area in which we'd rather do too much than too little is food safety.

On arrival at farms, our delivery drivers take milk samples to check quality and ensure optimal traceability.

However, like any good farmer, Paysan Breton is naturally cautious. Therefore, additional samples are taken before extracting the milk from the tank. If there are any concerns, the tank is set aside and the milk is tested. The cause of any confirmed defects is identified and any milk unfit for consumption is rejected. However, this is extremely rare, affecting under 0.1% of milk collected annually.

Next, a series of inspections and tests is performed along the whole length of the production line to prevent risks inherent to producing any food product. 

Only through such measures can we guarantee that the products we supply to you are good in all senses.

Our specifications

Farmers joining Paysan Breton must meet very detailed criteria. The manufacturing processes for each product are also subject to highly specific requirements.

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Male and female farmers and cooperative employees who take socially responsible action on a daily basis and work together for the Paysan Breton brand to showcase our farmers' produce and preserve our regional expertise.
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