Meet Hervé

Cows' diet and grazing

Hervé discusses grass and grazing

As you all know, we need good milk to make tasty Paysan Breton products.

Do you know what type of food cows need to make good milk?

Well, they mainly eat grass. However, there's more to it than that. 

Hervé, a Paysan Breton dairy farmer in Finistère gives us the lowdown on grass and grazing. 

"I'm proud to see my cows grazing, as it means they'll produce quality milk"

Take a stroll in the meadow...


Le soleil se lève
Cows on their way back for milking
Cows on their way back for milking
Hervé lors du tournage
Hervé during filming


Hervé's farmIn a few numbers


cows on 66 hectares of land


months' minimum pasture time per year


hours grazing per day per cow



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