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Roland tells us about his cows' diet

A balanced and varied diet

On a farm like Roland's in Brélès (Finistère), the cows' diet is one of the farmer's key priorities. Roland explains that a balanced diet is essential for healthy cows that produce the quality milk needed to make quality Paysan Breton products.

So everything starts in the fields! In Brittany, there's plenty of grass and the weather is suitable for cattle to be put out to pasture for part of the year.

However, there's more to it that just grass. Like humans, cows need a varied diet...

Therefore, depending on the season and the quantities of grass available, maize, beet, hay and rapeseed (all grown on the farm) are used to supplement the animals' diet.

To ensure his cows eat the most balanced diet possible, Roland, like all Paysan Breton dairy producers, receives advice from a cooperative nutritionist. The two of them closely examine the cows' rations and feed diversity, making adjustments where necessary.

Healthy cows are instantly recognisable: they graze well, their hair is in good condition, and they produce good milk! 

For Roland: 

a Paysan Breton farmer is someone who strives for maximum feed self-sufficiency on their farm

Roland éleveur Paysan Breton dans son pâturage
Cows grazing



Roland éleveur Paysan Breton avec ses vaches au pâturage
Paysan Breton farmer Roland with his cows in the pasture



Roland regarde une pousse de maïs dans son champ
Roland checking crops used to feed his cows



Roland au pré avec ses vaches
Roland spending time in the meadow with his cows to monitor their health


Roland's farmIn a few numbers


dairy cows in his herd


litres of milk produced per year


hectares of pastureland



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