Meet Paul

And learn about milking

Paul tells us about milking

Do you know why we milk cows?

We milk cows to collect the milk they continually produce.  On average, each cow produces 28 litres of milk per day.

Paul Durand, a Paysan Breton dairy farmer in Les Desfois in Loire-Atlantique fills us in on the various steps involved in this special moment with his animals. Twice a day, Paul milks his cows based on a well-defined process in which hygiene plays a key role. Every day, Paul checks that his cows are healthy and well-fed, so they produce top quality milk which the cooperative then uses to make Paysan Breton products.

Meet Paul, a Paysan Breton farmer:

For me, Paysan Breton dairy farmers are people who love their jobs and their animals

  • His favourite Paysan Breton product: Slightly Salted Moulded Butter
  • What sets him apart: Paul is also a winemaker. Besides milk, he also produces delicious white grape juice, Muscadet and a sweet white wine named "Symphonie".


Le camion-citerne du chauffeur laitier Paysan Breton
The Paysan Breton delivery driver's tanker



Paul va voir ses vaches au champ
Paul regularly goes to see his cows in the field


Paul a également des vignes
Paul also grows vines




Les veaux





Paul's farmIn a few numbers


dairy cows in his herd


litres of milk produced per day on average per cow


hectares of pasture



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