Crêpes and Stewed Apples, Pears and Ginger

4 pers.
5 min
8 min
Crêpes and Stewed Apples, Pears and Ginger

Ingredients for :

4 people
3 Units Poires
Reinette d’Armorique apple
2 Units Reinette d’Armorique apples
Powdered sugar
60 g Powdered sugar
Fresh ginger
1 Unit Fresh ginger
5 cl Waters
Lemon juice
1 Dessert spoon Lemon juice
Vanilla pod
1 Unit Vanilla pod
30 g Pistachios

Method :

  1. Wash and peel pears then cut into large cubes. Peel and finely grate ginger.
  2. Place pear pieces in a pan, add water, sugar, lemon juice, grated ginger and split vanilla bean. Bring to a boil and stew 3-4 minutes. Transfer to a container, remove vanilla bean and let cool.
  3. Melt Lightly Salted Moulded Butter in a frying pan and heat Crêpes A la Cassonade 1-2 min. on each side.
  4. Quickly place the crêpes on small plates. Garnish with stewed fruit and top with crushed pistachios.

Paysan Breton tip

This recipe can be made with seasonal fruit; strawberries and rhubarb. Use 400 g of strawberries instead of pears and 4 stalks of rhubarb instead of apples.

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