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Eat better

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Eat better

Quality local milk deserves equally good ingredients and so do you. For over 50 years, we have worked hard every day to offer you the best dairy products so you no longer have to choose between what tastes good and what's well made. We go above and beyond the applicable standards with stringent specifications and regular quality inspections.

  • All our products are made with naturally sourced ingredients free of artificial colourings and flavourings, palm oil, or preservatives.
  • And since quality is also a matter of taste, we regularly submit our products for testing by expert and consumer panels.

Paysan Breton is committed to offering you healthy products:

  • Short and simple recipes
  • Products with reduced salt

Committed to the local area

  • Milk 100% sourced from Brittany and Pays de la Loire
  • 99% of ingredients sourced from France
  • 100% manufactured in Brittany and Pays de la Loire close to our farmers


We also offer recipes and tips on eating local and seasonal produce, so you can work some magic in the kitchen.

In a few numbers


% of ingredients sourced from France


% sourced from Brittany and Pays de la Loire


% of Paysan Breton products are made in Brittany and Loire Atlantique