Our commitments


Eco-design our packaging

Here at Paysan Breton, we're taking active steps to eco-design our packaging. All the cardboard we use is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The world is changing, and so are our commitments. We listen to our consumers and their expectations. As a result, we're taking active steps to reduce the quantity of packaging used for our products and limit their impact on the environment. We're making changes to some of our packaging to make it more recyclable and numerous projects are still in progress.

2021: Paysan Breton's first recyclable cardboard butter tub – a socially responsible innovation

In April 2021, a new recyclable cardboard tub hit supermarket dairy sections. With it, Paysan Breton proved its credentials as market leader on limiting the environmental impact of packaging. This Paysan Breton recyclable round cardboard tub stands out from other oval plastic containers on the market, and is available for a new range of unsalted and slightly salted spreadable butters, as well as for the standard butter range. We have opted to use a biobased, recyclable material. This packaging, 76% of which is cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests, is the result of several years' research and development aimed at maintaining product preservation standards without affecting the butter's minimum storage life (MSL). By changing to a recyclable cardboard butter tub, we have achieved a 33% reduction in the containers' impact on climate change.

2020: first brand supplying filled crêpes in recyclable packaging

In autumn, Paysan Breton made a strong start to the school year with its filled crêpes. They came in brand new packaging consisting of individual bags and outer packaging made of paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. Paysan Breton is the first brand to supply filled crêpes in recyclable paper bags. This has led to considerable annual plastic savings equivalent to the area of 49 football pitches!

2020: Madame Loïk Whipped Cheese cardboard sleeve cut adrift

Our whipped cheese has always been a trendsetter. From 1997, it was the only cheese spread available in a cardboard tub. In 2020, we decided to get rid of the cardboard sleeve pack surrounding the tub for all varieties in the range. 

One year on and we have managed to save over 100 tonnes of cardboard. This is a true success story with 30% less packaging used for a product you all love!

And we still have plenty of ideas for ways of further improving recyclability.

Let's not forget the recyclable bottles and caps used for our buttermilk. Paysan Breton is permanently committed to finding innovative ways of developing the most sustainable packaging for our products.

In a few numbers


% less packaging with the elimination of the cardboard sleeve


% lower environmental impact of the new butter tubs