Croque-monsieur with spinach and mushrooms

4 pers.
20 min
25 min
Croque-monsieur with spinach and mushrooms

Ingredients for :

4 people
Sandwich bread
8 Slices Sandwich breads
100 g Mushrooms
Red onion
1 Unit Red onion
Baby spinach
125 g Baby spinach
8 Dessert spoons Béchamel

Method :

  1. Peel and chop the mushrooms and onion.
  2. Heat butter in pan.
  3. Brown the mushrooms, onion and spinach shoots. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Spread the filling on half of the bread slices. Prefer country bread for even more flavor.
  5. Add a spoonful of béchamel sauce.
  6. Close the croque-monsieurs.
  7. Cover with béchamel sauce and sprinkle with grated Emmental cheese Paysan Breton.
  8. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  9. Preheat your oven in grill mode to 200°C and bake for 15 minutes.

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