Julien describes

The birth of a calf

Julien describes the birth of a calf

Calving: a special moment

Julien Frémont is a Paysan Breton dairy producer. He tends to nearly 65 cows on his farm run jointly as the GAEC de la Prée collective farming grouping in Casson (Loire-Atlantique). For him, being a Paysan Breton farmer and cooperative member means:

being committed to your region, being proud of the quality of the milk you produce, and loving your animals

On that note, he'd like to share a special moment in the life of any dairy farmer with you: the birth of a calf. Share this moving experience with him...

In order to produce milk, a cow needs a calf. A cow calves roughly every 400 days, enabling it to produce milk for approximately one year.

Pregnant cows are given special attention to ensure the process goes smoothly. During their "maternity leave", they are fed a special diet and rest for 60 days before their due date.

Meet Image. This healthy little calf weighs 45kg and will have a calf of her own in 2 years' time...


An early morning birth

Veau à la naissance avec sa mère

Driven by thirst, calves start walking very early

Les veaux se lèvent très vite

The calves drink their mother's milk

Les veaux boivent le lait de leur mère

Julien bonds with his animals

Julien éleveur Paysan Breton et son veau


Julien's farmIn a few numbers


days' rest for cows before calving


years: the age at which cows can have their first calf


kg the weight of Image, Julien's little calf



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