Strawberry Trilogy

4 pers.
30 min
1 hr
Strawberry Trilogy

Ingredients for :

4 people
250 g Strawberries
Icing sugar
50 g Icing sugar

Method :

  1. Wash strawberries, hull half and leave the other half with the hull.
  2. Blend strawberries into purée.
  3. Whisk Paysan Breton Crème Fraîche into whipped cream with icing sugar using a hand mixer.
  4. Delicately fold the whipped cream into the strawberry purée, place in verrines and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  5. Cut Paysan Breton Plougastel Strawberry Jam Crêpes into sections and stick on small wooden skewers.

Paysan Breton tip

For best results, place cream in a bowl and place in freezer with the whisk for 10 minutes before making whipped cream.

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