Meet Julien

In his peaceful haven

Julien and his peaceful haven at the tip of Brittany

Why did we choose the slogan "For all that's good"? Because we are committed to making products that are good for you, good for our farmers, and good for the local area. Our farmers play a key role in this virtuous circle. We supply premium dairy products to secure a bright future for them and it's thanks to them that our products are made with such a high-quality main ingredient: their milk. Meet Julien, one of these farmers.

A day on the farm

Julien is a Paysan Breton dairy farmer in Guissény, Finistère not far from the magnificent coastal hamlet of Meneham, a key tourist attraction. It's a setting that's both beautiful and peaceful, where his cows are very content to graze. His wife also decided to convert some of the old farm buildings into holiday cottages, and enjoys welcoming tourists from all over France, who can join Julien for a day on the farm if they wish. It's a great introduction to farming, with insights on the daily routine, the care shown to the cows, and the good practices applied by our farmer. Our presenter, Rémy, spent a day finding out what's involved.

A responsible farmer

After taking over the family farm, Julien opted to remain a cooperative member. The Paysan Breton brand belongs to him and 6,000 other farmer members, a source of pride for him. His love of showing people what he does springs from a desire to promote quality local production and showcase modern farming with all the good practices now available. 

Julien is passionate about his work, and spends every day looking after his cows that graze for much of the year in meadows rich in plant species. He also grows their winter fodder on the farm. All this hard work every day of the year goes into making quality milk collected by Paysan Breton to produce our products. Our crêpe factory is also just 15km from the farm!


Julien's farmIn a few numbers


days' pasture time per year for the cows


plant species in Julien's meadows



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