Meet Vincent and Christophe

brothers, farmers and partners

Vincent and Christophe: two brothers, farmers and partners

Vincent and Christophe are two brothers working in partnership. With several generations of cooperative members in their family, they are very committed to supporting farming and local jobs.

Let's support French farming

The cooperative is a family affair for Vincent and Christophe. Their parents and grandparents before them were members. But what does that mean? It means that Vincent and Christophe own shares in the cooperative, so they and 4,800 other farmer members own the Paysan Breton brand and production facilities.

We have no shareholders in the traditional sense of the word: company profits go to the farmers at year-end. Also worth noting is the fact that member farmers elect farmers to sit on the board of directors and take key decisions for the company.  The board of directors consists of 17 farmers whose approval our senior management team needs for decisions concerning matters such as the price of milk and investments. You can find out more about this in our article on the farmers' brand.

In addition to their roles as dairy farmers, the two brothers play an active role in cooperative life. This is a commitment they take very seriously. They believe it's important to unite behind dairy expertise in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, and promote local products that create jobs in the two regions. Thousands of jobs tied to the local area have actually been created thanks to Paysan Breton farmers!

Producing quality products with an emphasis on animal welfare

Vincent and Christophe only put their cows out to pasture in appropriate weather conditions. They also focus strongly on the welfare of their livestock. 

For instance, Vincent is interested in new practices such as using essential oils as a gentle means of preventing certain diseases. Cows are like people: when they're ill you need to call a doctor or vet who will, if necessary, prescribe antibiotics to relieve the animal and treat the disease. Cows receiving antibiotics are identified, milked separately, and their milk is disposed of. It's therefore in farmers' interests to ensure their cows remain in good health. 

Vincent and Christophe have invited Rémy to experience their daily routine, which is focused on promoting quality, local food. And what better way to end the piece than by tasting some delicious local products?

Vincent et Christophe's farmIn a few numbers


generations of farmers on their family farm


milk sample taken for testing every time the milk delivery driver visits


farmer members of the cooperative board



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