Join Pierre-Yves

For a day on his family farm

A day in the life of Pierre-Yves

Pierre-Yves Jestin is a young Paysan Breton dairy producer. Join him on a tour of his land in Finistère, which he runs jointly as the GAEC de Kerien collective farming grouping, and experience everyday farming life, which in the Jestin family is a shared passion.

How do you produce quality milk? What is life on the farm like? Follow your guide...

One of the secrets behind the flavour of Paysan Breton products lies in the quality of the milk provided by cooperative members.

Our farmers know better than anyone that the cows' welfare is essential for producing good milk, from the feed they eat to the milking process and also their physical comfort.

Pierre-Yves gives all his cows names. He spends time getting to know them, watching them grow and identifying what's good for each of them. Because whatever's good for the cows is also good for the quality of the milk.


Les vaches à l'aube
Cows at daybreak

Waking up to a magnificent sunrise...

les vaches pâturent
The cows graze and enjoy being outdoors

Early riser Pierre-Yves is attentive to his cows' welfare

Pierre-Yves vérifie que ses vaches vont bien
Pierre-Yves checks that his cows are well

Milking time!

La traite

The reward for a hard day's work! It's off to the cowshed where the feed is always varied

Du fourrage et des compléments alimentaires après la traite
Fodder and food supplements after milking

Since a good diet is essential, Pierre-Yves performs checks on the crops he grows on his farm to feed his animals

Pierre-Yves vérifie ses cultures
Pierre-Yves checks his crops


Pierre-Yves's farmIn a few numbers


joint farm managers: Pierre-Yves and his brother


cows in his herd


the cooperative collects the milk roughly every 3 days



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