I manage production of Paysan Breton butters at the Landerneau site. This involves the following duties:

  • Drawing up targets and guidelines for the site in line with senior management policy
  • Managing a team responsible for planning, organising and monitoring production
  • Ensuring compliance with human safety requirements, customer quality standards and financial criteria.

3 questions to Nathalie

What does Paysan Breton mean to you?
A brand recognised at national level particularly due to Paysan Breton butter, which is a source of pride in terms of my own professional commitment.
What's your favourite Paysan Breton product?
I have a soft spot for the Unsalted Moulded Butter and its delicious, creamy flavour.
What's your favourite associated recipe?
I really like the shrimp risotto recipe, which is tasty, simple and effective.

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