I work on quality at the Madame Loïk Whipped Cheese manufacturing site in Côtes d'Armor, Brittany. My job includes various duties such as: 

  • implementing and ensuring compliance with customer requirements
  • implementing and maintaining IFS/BRC certifications
  • updating and rolling out the quality system
  • ensuring that manufactured products are compliant, implementing and managing action plans to ensure food safety
  • monitoring the HACCP study and compliance with hygiene rules 

Due to my role, I'm passionate about Paysan Breton products being made with quality ingredients based on strict specifications. I find this motivating.

3 questions to Zina

What does Paysan Breton mean to you?
Quality products made with naturally sourced ingredients. It's also a brand that promotes strong values like solidarity and authenticity.
What's your favourite Paysan Breton product?
My favourite product is Madame Loïk Garlic and Herb Whipped Cheese. I often have to eat it for quality testing ... sometimes as early as 9am!
What's your favourite associated recipe?
I really like the Indian-style brick pastry recipe. It's an unusual recipe with a lot of flavour!

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