My job involves collecting milk used to make Paysan Breton products and following hygiene and quality rules for collection. I aim to maintain the best possible relationships with farmers and pass on any requests they might have to the cooperative. I also share information about my everyday work to continually improve the process.

3 questions to Christian

What does Paysan Breton mean to you?
It's a major food brand from our region. All the products are good, whether it be butter, Madame Loïk whipped cheese, crêpes or buttermilk!
What's your favourite Paysan Breton product?
I can't resist Madame Loïk Whipped Cheese. With all the flavours available, there's something delicious for every occasion.
What's your favourite associated recipe?
Being a true Breton, I love Breton pancakes filled with ham and Madame Loïk Cheese with Walnuts and Figs or Shallots and Chives.

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