I'm responsible for Paysan Breton butter product development. I work with the R&D team in close collaboration with various other departments (marketing, production, etc.) and have the following 3 key roles:

  • Developing innovations in response to constantly changing consumer demand
  • Improving existing products based on developments in our knowledge of cream, which is our main ingredient, and optimised butter manufacturing processes
  • Permanently monitoring the sensory quality of our products

3 questions to Sabine

What does Paysan Breton mean to you?
It's primarily a brand with Breton roots and products that consumers enjoy. Paysan Breton is about simple products like butter, which are tasty and innovative. It's a brand that's both authentic and innovative, two qualities that are not mutually exclusive, in fact quite the contrary!
What's your favourite Paysan Breton product?
Definitely all varieties of Paysan Breton butter!
What's your favourite associated recipe?
Scallops pan-fried in butter with Guérande sea salt. It's a simple recipe perfect for occasions like Christmas.

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