Maxime: In 2016, myself, my parents and uncles took over a farm with 120 dairy cows that was set up 26 years ago and previously owned by Hervé Boisseau.

Hervé: I set up as a dairy farmer in 1980. Back then, things were organised differently. I saw the Paysan Breton cooperatives' dairy business being structured, the brand being developed, and I even helped draw up the farmers' quality charter.

3 questions to Maxime & Hervé

What does Paysan Breton mean to you?
Hervé: The name alone, which translates as "Breton Farmer", is strongly rooted in the land and values of loyalty, cooperation and the producers' ability to determine the future of the brand unlike other brands owned by multinationals. Whenever farmers get together to promote a brand, it's worth emphasising the collective dimension – we're not linked to any external lobby groups.
Maxime: It's about taking pride in farming to the best of my ability in accordance with requirements set out in the Paysan Breton charter. It's also a cooperative system where farmers hold shares in the company, providing a financial return that will help us continue to supply high-quality milk. This recognition is important.
What's your favourite Paysan Breton product?
Maxime: The butter, crème fraîche and Emmental.
Hervé: Madame Loïk whipped cheese
What's your favourite associated recipe?
Hervé: I love mixing the whipped cheese with tuna and carrots or spreading it on plain biscuits as an appetiser.

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