I'm a dairy farmer and cooperative board member. Since 2008, I've been working on our family farm, which has been passed down from my grandfather to my father and now to my brother and I. Our whole family has always supplied milk to the cooperative. We have 105 hectares of land with 135 dairy cows. We differ from other local farmers in that 70% of our herd are Normande cows that produce a lot of fat.

3 questions to Sébastien

What does Paysan Breton mean to you?
This brand reflects our roots and traditions. It makes products recognised for their quality and the values the brand conveys. We're good at promoting our region and our farmers. I got the chance to present the brand and its products at the Paris International Agricultural Show 3 years ago. I was proud to talk about the brand's cooperative model, because many consumers weren't aware that we manufacture our products using milk collected in our area from farmer members like myself. We're not a huge private industrial group like many of our competitors. We have a unique history.
What's your favourite Paysan Breton product?
The butter, Emmental and Kergall Camembert – I couldn't live without them!
What's your favourite associated recipe?
I'm very familiar with Paysan Breton products and eat them every day. But don't ask me to quote a recipe because I'm not a great cook!

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